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Blogging Club Goes LIVE!!!

Welcome to Merton’s Blogging Club!
Hi, we’re blogging club and we will be updating you on the latest happenings at Merton. So wait up for the different things that we will be writing about.
Included in our posts will be everything that happens and you won’t be bored not whilst reading about our exciting trips that are so amazing that they will send you on a journey along with us to our educational but highly fun times. We will also talk about our PE lessons which range from Street Dance to gym. What an active school we are!
Rock Challenge will also be featured in our weekly blogs, with our pupils working their socks off to make the performance perfect and the photos won’t bore you.

Jack Bristow is supporting Rock Challenge
Jack Bristow ran 2 miles from the Apollo Hotel to Tesco’s and raised over a whopping 
£100!!! For Rock Challenge
Blogging club would like to take this opportunity to say a massive... WELL DONE JACK!!!

Rock Challenge
 Reported by Hadiatou & Emily Plant

The Crew of the Rock Challenge have been working really hard on their dance routines and the routine is quickly progressing into what will be an amazing performance. Some of the costumes have already arrived. There are so many! From monkeys to giraffes Merton are on their way to Africa. Hot and proud the crew go home every Monday, with just an ounce more perfection than the last.

Mrs Bridle and Miss Gregor are feeling victory already. Last year Merton came 2nd place but being the determined and resilient lot they weren’t happy with what they got. Oh no! They worked even harder this year and are sure to bagsy 1st place as Merton will not accept anything other than the best.