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George Fouche visits Merton!

We started the term off with a bang with a visit from George Fouche, an ex-teacher and ex-international and premiership rugby player, who presented an assembly where he challenged students to look at the qualities needed to become successful, how to overcome hardships and follow their dreams without giving up on their dream careers. “George brought himself up from nothing to everything (and he’s really funny)” - Michael (Year 4). “I think he inspired all of us because he’s gone from the Pit of Uncertainty, because he wanted to give up, but instead he had a Growth Mindset and continued to follow his dreams” - Lara (Year 4). He discussed real-life examples of the challenges that he has had to overcome to get to where he is now. “He was fantastic and a complete example of overcoming barriers, no matter how big or small” - Miss Gregor (class teacher). Year 5 took part in a workshop with George where they listened carefully to his advice and wisdom. A truly inspirational morning!