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May the 'fourth' be with you

We are almost at the final half term of what has been a truly great year at Merton. 


The past few months have seen Year 5 learn about forces and use the slogan every Star Wars fan loves saying 'May the force be with you'  Not only that, they have a new board in the main corridor detailing their new topic 'you've been framed' displaying lots of their fabulous artwork.


Year 4 learned about Sound and were fortunate enough to have someone come in from Everest and perform experiments with them.  There are also the 'melodious' sounds coming from the Studio every Wednesday afternoon as Year 4 are learning the Clarinet this term.


Year 6 had a tough week last week as it was SATs week. Their homework for the weekend before was to do something new. It could be anything and judging by their faces on Monday, they loved that homework task.  The SATs breakfasts went down a treat too, even if it did make the rest of the school's tummies rumble and mouths water from the glorious smells wafting through the hall.


The sports teams have been in action again with the Girls Upper School team attending the rearranged Sparkling Rugby Tournament. For some of the girls, it was their first time in the school team and they played really well. Lots of end to end rugby.