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Stone Farm day 1

The children have had a cracking day so far. A long trip to the farm was broken up by lunch at Montaque House, where we enjoyed the beautiful grounds. The children's behaviour on the coach was brilliant and they were a credit to the school. 



We arrived at Stone Farm at around 2.15pm where we were greeted by the farmer, Mr Hatton. He gave us a tour of the Farmhouse and then the farm itself. We met all of the animals and were given our jobs for the week. These included: feeding the rabbits, the goats, the alpacas, the donkey and rounding up chickens, Guinea Pigs and the Shetland Pony. I am not going to lie! The pony got the better of myself and Mrs Mac and he is still stood in the field now waiting to be led in! His name was Thunder, so I am going to claim he was 6ft rather than the 3ft that he actually stands at! 


The children are currently on 'free play' and many of the poor animals are currently being petted by our wonderful children! At 6pm we will have our tea, where we have a choice of sausage and chips, fish and chips or veggie burgers. I won't mention which child would have liked all 3...


After tea, we will go to the campfire and sing songs. Then, off to bed for some sleep (I hope!) - I will write again tomorrow at some point, although I can not promise when!



Mr Wartnaby