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Stone Farm Day 2

Well, what can I say. We were totally exhausted last night after a very busy day in the sunshine.


We woke (early) and were dressed ready to sort out farm jobs by 7:30. The guinea pigs and rabbits were safely deposited into the pens, the goats, pigs, alpacas and donkey were all in their fields and the carp in the large pond were all fed by 8am ready for a large helping of breakfast. Cereals galore and then a cooked breakfast certainly set us up for the day at Paignton Zoo.


The zoo was incredible - the children were able to see so many animals and because it was so hot yesterday, many of the animals were out basking in the glorious sunshine. Many of the groups were able to stand just a metre away from the beautiful male tiger as well as looking in on their resident elephant Duchess. I believe we calculated approximately 3.8 miles walking around the zoo alone!! My legs feel it this morning so I am sure theirs probably won't!!


We arrived back at Stone farm for a quick run around before dinner. I can assure you all the children are exceptionally well fed. There are seconds for everything including dessert - their little eyes widen at the thought of double helpings of jam roly poly or choc ice!!

The falconer was in last night and he brought with him a Harris Hawk, an African Kite and a Grey Owl. The children were amazed at being so close to these birds. The swallows weren't as must as one swooped into the barn saw the hawk and very very quickly exited!!.


We were also able to put the 2 new chicks that hatched on Wednesday into the outside pen with other 2 so the children loved seeing that.


Throughout the day and night, I have tried desperately to get as many photographs as I can and we are clocking up well over 400 pictures already. Below will be a sneak preview of some that have been taken. The children are loving their time here. The nights were quiet last night and everyone was fast asleep by 10:30 (much to the adults delight) and I know that they are super excited for another busy day today and the barn dance tonight!.


Have a great day to everyone and I will update again in the morning.

Please continue to check our Facebook site for snippets throughout the day.


With pleasure

Miss Gregor