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Stone Farm Day 2

What a fantastic day we have had!

I will update you first from last night... We all sat around the camp fire and Miss Light and I toasted everybody's marshmallows. Miss Light was very afraid of the fire so did not cook hers for too long so I can only apologise for her children's marshmallows, which were possibly colder than when taken out of the packet! The children then went to bed and the adults had an okay night's sleep! There was no homesickness or illness, just very excited children to deal with!


After the children decided to wake at 6am (rather than the designated 7.30am!) we had to go and do our designated farm jobs. After a long tussle, we managed to lead Thunder out to the field. I used all my knowledge of Royal Ascot and the horse guards' parade to win him over! I will not be swapping teaching to become a horseman any time soon! The children were far better with their jobs, but did struggle to take the duckling for a swim (yes, really a swim), I also think rabbits have nine lives (as well as cats due to the amount that escaped from the children's hands!)!


Next, we went for breakfast and had cereals, toast, bacon and scrambled egg. I was a bit worried with the amount the children scoffed as we were about to go on a hike across Dartmoor....


We met our tour guides, Phil and Mike, who were brilliant with the children. They took us across the moor and we found out so much about the history of the moors. The children wowed them with their knowledge about the Bronze Age and I overheard them talking at lunch saying that we are one of the most well behaved and intelligent children they have had the pleasure of guiding.  I think they may have changed their opinion when they later asked what the most popular attraction in the USA after Arizona's London Bridge (which was originally in London) is - one child said the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I have text Mrs Reading and told her to change his Geography report grade....


The children have been a real credit to the school and their families so far. 


Tea tonight is Lasagne or a selection of toppings  with jacket potatoes. Then, it is off for a falconry display later. 


I will write to you after the Eden Project tomorrow.


Mr Wartnaby