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Stone Farm Day 3

You will have to excuse me any grammar errors or predictive text woes tonight! The WiFi is down and I am writing from my mobile phone!


The children really enjoyed the falconry display last night and we're really composed when the birds were flying around them. I admit to ducking a few times.


The children slept amazingly and apart from 1 sleep walker and all staff managed an undisturbed sleep!


The children woke and got ready for the day full of excitement for the Eden Project. We travelled on the coach with the children singing a really annoying peanut song that one of the guides taught them yesterday. I will let them annoy you tomorrow with it as it is banned for the 4 hour drive back tomorrow!


Now everyday I have tried to embarrass one of the members of staff and today was Mrs Haddington's turn. Well I thought it was until an event happened later with myself. Jess Glyne and Wretch 32 were playing the Eden Project in the evening and while we were there they were sound checking. I told the children that Mrs H is the bravest women I know and is in with all the celebrities so would get Jess Glyne to meet us. The children cheered and I explained it was highly unlikely to happen, but if Mrs Helen failed the girls could Miss Light's hair and she would sing for them later. I thought the peer pressure would crack Miss Light into performing. I was wrong..  


As we were in the tropical biome an incident happened that left the children who saw it with their jaws on the floor and Jess Glyne was soon forgotten with the staff of the hook. Any child that is in my class know that I bore them A about manners and B about how we are all different and that should be celebrated. Well while walking a year 4 boy was in a world of his own and while looking at a rainforest tree walked into a member of the public. I said to the child that he needed to apologise to the lady he walked into. However unfortunately for me it was not a lady it was a man! The abuse that was shouted in my direction  was not the nicest but at least there were no swear words! My group looked at me and walked shocked that I got something so wrong. I think I need to go back to the opticians. The talk of Jess Glyne had switched from meeting her to the lie I once told my class that I dated her. I spent the next hour praying that we didn't bump into the man I thought was a lady and also that we did not meet Jess Glyne as there was a little girl in my class that could not wait to tell her my total lie! 


The Eden Project was amazing we went around the grounds and visited both the Mediterranean dome and the rainforest. We learnt to become forest rangers and how to survive. The children came up with brilliant ideas and many in the end decided they could not survive in the forest. The reason was that they could live like Bear Grills, but actually Brazil is just to hot! 


We headed home and did more farm jobs and ate dinner. The children are currently in the disco while I'm writing this and I ducked out as thought it would be best to spare them the Dad dancing.


The children have been a real credit to you all this week and have been so good to take away. Their enjoyment has been enabled by the brilliant team at Stone Farm and the coach company and more importantly our school staff. Mrs Mac, Mrs H and Miss Light have been outstanding with your children and deserve all the credit. They have administered more medicines than Boots stock, cared for the children and been that comfort blanket away from home. I could not have run such a successful trip without them here and I thank them for their dedication. It is their hard work that has allowed me a chance to communicate home to you all.


The children are looking forward to seeing you all and I hope you will see a positive growth in their independence. Although we all miss our families(Not Miss Light she just misses Hollyoaks!) It has been an absolute privilege to borrow your cherubs for 4 days and I thank you for allowing us to give the children these great experiences. 


We will see you all tomorrow.


PS the children were not allowed their own food in the house or in the farmyard so expect a few sticky treats to come back with the children!