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Windmill Hill- Day 1

We arrived at Windmill Hill at about 2:30pm after a surprisingly peaceful journey! We were greeted by extremely friendly PGL staff members, who took us to the sports field for a game of football and basketball. Both football teams were joined by myself, Mr Emery, Miss Newman and the star player Mrs Mac. She was a far more valuable asset to her team than Mr E and there is no doubt I will be asking her to join my team next time!
After sports, we met our leader Dom who showed us this years camp chant which involved the children kissing their ‘guns’; the children pointed out that Miss Newman and Miss Gregor had bigger ‘guns’ than myself and Mr Emery! We then headed to our rooms where the children unpacked and made their beds; some more successfully than others! Rooms were inspected and no room was given more than a 5 due to lack of alphabetical order when lining up toiletries and not bowing to Mr E when he entered the room (He really is a diva!)
The children then played until tea time. They were brilliant and polite in the dinner hall. Fish and chips, steak and onion pie or veggie burgers were the options (Mr Emery had all 3!) The children scoffed down ice cream for afters and found more room for the lovely Sophie’s birthday cake. She was thoroughly shocked and embarrassed as the whole dinner hall sang happy birthday and said she would be having words with Mum when she got home! The look on her face showed that she really loved the surprise.
I left the children charging around the complex playing capture the flag. I hope that this will really tire them out for bed tonight (one can dream); as a good sleep will be needed for all the activities in the morning.
The children have been a real pleasure today and I know that they will continue to do their families credit this weekend.
I hope that you have a great Saturday and I will update the website again tomorrow evening.
I look forward to giving you more news then.
Mr Wartnaby
P.S have a look at the gallery page to see the children in their rooms on arrival.