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Windmill Hill- Day 2

The children slept really well through the night and the teachers were pleasantly surprised with the amount of sleep that they had! Miss Gregor woke the children up at 7am (Most of them were already awake) and the children got ready for the day.
The children headed down to breakfast where they had a choice of bacon, mushroom, beans, tomatoes and toast, porridge, cereal and yoghurt. Mr Emery again made sure he tried them all! Poor Miss Newman caught a child eating butter out of the little tub and admitted that butter makes her want to vomit- cue some of the children purposely showing Miss Newman them eating butter and horrible list of puns being made to Miss Newman during the morning. Udder than that breakfast was really enjoyable and the children went to their activities really full.
The children’s activities today included the zip wire, trapeze, team games and archery. The children really threw themselves into the activities and the leaders have been really impressed with them. Miss Newman was told that her group was “the best group they had ever had for teamwork and encouragement.” The children have approached everything with great enthusiasm and resilience, a few fears have been faced and conquered and the staff members are beaming with pride at the children's achievements. We are sharing with quite a few schools and we all agree that the behaviour of our children has been second to none.
Still to come tonight we have dinner (Seagull Emery’s favourite time) and campfire. I am sure the children will be tired tonight having thrown themselves into everything and have raft building, giant swing and aeroball to look forward to in the morning.
I hope you have enjoyed the sunny weather and I look forward to giving you the last update tomorrow.
Mr Wartnaby