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Windmill Hill- Day 3

Wow, what a day we have had! The children slept beautifully last night and the staff had no knocks at their doors! The children were awoken at 7:30am this morning and got ready for the day ahead. Breakfast was served (sausages, omelette, beans, toast as well as cereal and porridge) Mr Emery did his usual act of having everything. which led to Mrs Mac enquiring if he had hollow legs!
After breakfast the children set off for their morning activities including, BMXing, giant swing, aeroball and abseiling. The children had an amazing time and really pushed themselves to overcome fears. Rob and Bronwyn were named champions of aeroball and Ellie and Emily did their all to beat me and Sophie and as they keep reminding me they won! Abseiling produced a few reluctant jumpers and I have to say that the staff at PGL were excellent at getting the children overcome their fears and achieve their goals. The children enjoyed going on the BMX track and I was impressed with some of the children’s skill and balance.
A trip to the shop and lunch followed next. The children had a choice of different sandwich fillings and their were strict rules on how much could be had- I am not sure how the seagull sweet talked the cook into getting all 6 options, as well as eating half the salad bar!
The afternoon produced what were my favourite sessions, raft building. After learning to tie knots, shape barrels and fix poles to their device the children and adults took to the lake to test their creations out. They were on the water from approximately 1 minute before staff and children were in with the fish! Staff and children were soaked and mayhem descended. Miss Gregor was not very keen to end up in the water, however myself, Miss Newman and the children made sure the inevitable happened and Miss Gregor ended up soaked. It was lovely to see the children having so much fun and splashing about although I’m not sure the carp will ever be the same again!
Now I have to say at this point that the Merton staff have been amazing. We are the only school whose adults get involved with every session, swim, jump, climb, crawl and ride the staff have done everything. The other schools staff have sun bathed, left the children with the instructors (they are allowed to do this!), written reports and done anything other than join in! Residential trips give the teacher a chance to see their teachers in a different light as well as the teachers getting to see a new side to the children. It has been brilliant to see this from the relationships between the whole travelling party grow. I cannot thank the staff enough for giving the children such a wonderful time and choosing to spend their time with the children rather than elsewhere.
Tonight will bring dinner and disco before tomorrow’s activities and the journey back to school. This will be the last time I am writing so wish you all a great Sunday evening and we look forward to giving your little treasures back tomorrow.
Mark Wartnaby
P.S. new photos are on the gallery page.