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Sport and PE at Merton

At Merton Junior School we focus on several values that allow our children to participate and enjoy sporting success. Trying your hardest, good sportsmanship and healthy competition is something that we embed within all our children, whether it is in Physical Education in school, inter house tournaments or external competitions outside of school.  Every child is given the opportunity to push and challenge themselves within different sporting environments, this can be through working as a team to score a goal playing an invasion game or attempting to beat their personal best in Athletics. We strive to provide a well-rounded PE and sporting curriculum and experience for all our children

It's all about the taking part!


April has seen a fresh squad for boys football take on a 5- aside tournament at Brighton Hill. The boys put on a great show of determination of which we as a school are incredibly proud. Not only did they play exceptionally well but they also behaved superbly despite anything that got in the way. A real show of what Merton Junior School stands for. Great show!

Sparkling Rugby


A group of Merton Superstars took to the field at the Sparkling Rugby Festival at Overton Rugby Club this last week. The pupils ducked and wove and had a tagging rate higher than almost any other team in the festival. A superbly successful tournament that resulted in winning the Fair Play award and being nominated by the Hampshire Rugby Development Officer as "The happiest school in Basingstoke." Our pupils smiled through every eventuality they faced and applauded the opposition no matter what.


A true selection of Merton Magic!

Sporting Success at Merton!


Magnificent Merton are Balling!

Tuesday 22nd March saw Girls and Boys from year 5 and 6 take part in the Basingstoke Schools Basketball Tournament. All the children were very excited. With a short walk to the Vyne we got our selves warmed up, being the first proper basketball game some children would have played, they were all very keen to start the game. 

Merton’s first was against Rucstall , some brilliant team passing and individual skill really showed off what year 5 and 6 have been learning this term in PE. They were absolutely amazing! Passing the ball with ease and any nerves from the start did not show at all. The first game was a convincing win and Merton were off to a great start! In our second game against St Mary’s, passing again was a key element to the team’s success, they looked to move the ball quickly and unselfish play allowed us to take an early lead, unfortunately St Marys played some brilliant basketball and we narrowly lost out. However, true sportsman ship was demonstrated by Merton, as they all still came off the court with smiles on their faces! Due to there being limited teams in the competition we played Rucstall and St Marys again, with the same results! Merton were fantastic and the team should be incredibly proud of themselves. Overall, we came in 2nd place and also got some medals to bring home! Great job guys! 




Mighty Merton Quarter Finalists!

This week it was the Merton Girl football teams turn to play against the rest of Basingstoke! The girls were all ecstatic to be playing against other schools. We were placed in a pool against Kings Furlong, St Bedes and St Marys. Our first game was against St Bedes, the girls were fantastic. Pressuring the opposition from kick off, some phenomenal passing, great team work and brilliant shooting got us off the mark. 4-0 was the end result and the girls were incredibly pleased with themselves! Our next game saw the girls take on Kings Furlong, again the girls showed that they could play some great football. Some exceptional keeping skills kept us in the game and we finished with a 2-0 victory.  The girls (already through to the next stage) played a very competitive match against St Marys which finished 0-0.

The girls started off the quarter final strong against Bishopswood, with a few quick changes due to injuries, the girls unfortunately went 1-0 down, before the final whistle Merton managed to sneak in a quick goal and after extra time, we went to penalties.  Some fantastic keeping kept our hopes alive but unfortunately, we didn’t go through to the semi-finals. Bishopswood were the eventual winner s overall and no-one else came as close to beating them as Merton did. A fantastic effort by all the Girls! Great job guys! 


Winter Hockey League Success!

Following the success of the Summer Hockey League Merton Junior School entered the Basingstoke Winter Hockey League for the first time. Over 5 different tournaments, between October and March, Merton A and Merton B played against 19 different schools within the league. They all showed an incredible commitment to the sport and all really enjoyed the experience.  Overall Merton B managed to finish 10th in the league overall. A great achievement considering the majority of the children did not have a lot of experience playing hockey! Well done to all those that took part! 


Boys Show Great Sportsmanship!

On Monday 7th March, a group of Year 6 and 2 Year 5 students went to Castle Field with Mr Sherman for the Football tournament.  We were in a group with just 4 teams which saw only the top 2 teams progressing.  Much to our disappointment, the pitch we were allocated wasn't conducive to a passing game which our team were used to playing. 


The boys put up a brave display despite the lumps and bumps combined with the long grass on the pitch but were unable to make it through the group stages.  We stayed and watch the knockout stages and the finals, which Mr Sherman was Merton's very own Howard Webb, refereeing all but the Final.


All the boys were fantastic and should be incredibly proud of themselves! Well done! 






January 18th 2016. This week saw a mix of year 5 and 6 children taking part in a range of athletics events at Costello secondary school. It was a great day for all the children involved, they hopped, skipped, jumped and sprinted through all the different competitions. It was fantastic to watch and as usual Merton showed great sportsmanship cheering on the other teams as well. Incredibly proud of all those that took part, well done guys!



Gosport Premier league!

In October 2015 a mixed team of year 5 and 6 children travelled down to Gosport to take part in a football tournament run by Chelsea football club. It was a fantastic opportunity for all the children to get involved in their first tournament outside of Basingstoke, representing Merton. They played four games within their group. Unfortunately, we lost the first game to the eventual winners of the whole tournament 2-0, however out of any team, we conceded the least amount of goals against them. An outstanding effort by Merton who were still getting used to playing with each other. In the next 3 games, Merton were absolutely dominant. They passed the ball well, showing great team work. We won all 3 games. Although we were unable to go through to the next stage, it was a great success for the team who all individually played amazingly and worked really well as a team. Well done guys!  


Inter House tournaments

This year sees the return of Inter-House tournaments at Merton Junior School. Each year all the children across 4 different houses (Eagle, Barn, Snowy and Tawny) take part in different sporting competitions. It is a great way to get all children involved in sport and for those who may not take part in sport outside of school, to get a taste of what it is like to be part of a team and compete against each other.


This year saw a huge football tournament take place in January. The competition was fierce! With each house battling it out, in their individual teams, across four pitches. Referees, Mr Holland, Mr Osborne, Mr Warntnaby and Mr Sherman did a fantastic job and it all boiled down to the final game between Eagle and Barn. It was an amazing performance by the two sides with the entire school watching the final. Eagle were victorious with Barn taking 2nd place in the competition. Tawny and Snowy shared 3rd place, both had teams in the semi-finals.  A fantastic day (although a little cold!) and all the children were brilliant! Well done! 



Inter house Hockey (Year 6)

Year 6 took part in an inter-House Hockey tournament in December. With the ever increasing interest in field Hockey at Merton, all of year 6 were incredibly excited. In their individual houses they played some brilliant hockey against each other. With a tense final between Tawny and Snowy taking place. Tawny scored the only goal of the game seconds before the final whistle. Some great sportsmanship was on display, as all teams shook hands at the end of the tournament. Great job guys! 




Tournaments coming up!

Girls sparkling rugby

Sparkling Rugby Mixed Yrs 3 & 4

Sparkling Rugby Yrs 3 & 4

Kwick Cricket Girls

Kwick Cricket mixed Yrs 5 & 6

Kwick Cricket Yrs 3 & 4