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Stone Farm 2018

Stone Farm 2018

“Are we having the barn dance in the barn?”


Thursday began with a late start...we slept in until 7am (well, most of us)! We completed our farm jobs and had sausage, beans and toast for breakfast. By 9.30am we were all fed and watered and on the coach. 


We started the day’s adventures at Tamar Otter Sanctuary. We thought we were going to check out some otters so had a pleasant surprise when we found a chicken and a wallaby in the toilets! We had a safety talk and learnt that ALL OTTERS BITE! We were then given a tour of the park. We fed deer out of our hands and met a 3-legged, 9 year old monk jack deer called Dasher. We also saw meerkats, chipmunks, turkeys, peacocks, quail and loads more. Miss Rose even fed a wallaby out of her hand! At 12 o’clock we watched an otter feed; they made such funny noises! We then ate lunch and got back onto the coach.


The next part of the adventure took us to Widemouth Bay near Bude. It’s a huge sandy beach. We walked on the soft, warm sand and set up camp. The teachers set up a coned area for us to paddle in. The rule was that we were allowed in up to our knees ...but.... some of us decided to sit in it! We got VERY wet but it was so much fun! Eventually, we had to move our camp back up the beach as the tide was coming in. Mr McMullen gave us half and hour to build a sandcastle in groups of 3 that would be judged! We used rocks to add decoration and built some fantastic castles! We rounded our day off by finding a small shop and some of us had ice creams...they were scrumptious! 


Then it was back to Stone Farm for dinner. Pizzas, shepherds pie, spag bol or pasta bake tonight! Washed down by giant slices of chocolate cake! When dinner was finished, we all showered and got changed ready for the barn dance. 


Can you spot the meerkat?

Can you spot the meerkat? 1

“These are just like Basingstoke eggs!”


This morning was an early one! We began by completing our farm jobs which included taking the guinea pigs and rabbits out of their hutches and making sure they had enough food and water; grooming Thunder and making him look pretty; retrieving Anna the naughty goat from the wrong field; feeding the goslings who decided they wanted to inspect us; and milking a plastic cow!


Breakfast was a welcome sight with cereal, toast, scrambled eggs (just like the ones from Basingstoke) and bacon washed down with tea and juice! The coach then picked us up and took us to Morwellham Quay. When we arrived, we dropped our bags off and began our activities. These included learning about rich and poor Victorians; going into a copper mine (Miss Rose got caught whispering the answers, Mrs Haddington got caught yawning and Mr McMullen made spooky noises with Mrs Bridle taking the blame!); making chocolate lollipops; baking bread; pretending to be pirates; playing on the play park; and visiting the gift shop! 


We travelled back to Stone Farm around 4.30pm and enjoyed a bit of free time followed by jacket potatoes and lasagne. For pudding we had huge portions of jam rolly polly or choc ices! We cleaned up really quickly and watched the first half of the football... it was quite emotional!!!


At 7.45pm we had a falconry display. We met a Harris hawk, an African kite and a barn owl called Ozzy. They were amazing and really good at flying. After that we returned to Applestone House for the rest of the football. After a very long day, all have fallen silent tucked up in bed with the only sound being the bleating of the sheep in the distance as the sun goes down.


The England game...emotional!

The England game...emotional! 1
The England game...emotional! 2
The England game...emotional! 3
The England game...emotional! 4
The England game...emotional! 5
The England game...emotional! 6
The England game...emotional! 7
The England game...emotional! 8
The England game...emotional! 9
The England game...emotional! 10
The England game...emotional! 11

We’ve arrived!


After leaving Merton Junior this morning, we travelled for just over an hour to Montacute house where we had lunch. It was a fab lunch stop and the house was huge! We then continued on to Stone Farm and arrived just after 2pm. When we arrived, we were greeted by Mr Hatton and Diesel the dog who gave us a tour. There are so many animals! Chickens, a naughty goat called Anna, alpacas, a donkey, pigs, ducks, geese, carp in the lake, a pony called Thunder, new born chicks, hundreds of guinea pigs (some less than 24 hours old!) and rabbits - Mrs Fluffy has had 7 babies!


We completed our first lot of farm jobs and then had free time. There’s a hay bale maze in the barn, it’s very dark inside and the teachers pretended to be shoe stealing monsters! There’s also lots of games that we can play. At 6pm, it was time for dinner. We had sausage/cod/veggie burger and chips with beans. For pudding we had ice cream with sauce. Mr McMullen did a secret dorm inspection whilst we ate...we’re hoping for better scores later!


Tonight we are having a campfire with marshmallows and are looking forward to a cosy bedtime in our dorms. Check out our pictures of the day so far...