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The Arts at Merton

What an amazing exhibition we had in our hall!. The children’s art work was spectacular and everyone who viewed our exhibition were very impressed. It was fantastic to see how proud and excited the children were with seeing their art work displayed. Well done, everyone!


Music at Merton Junior School


Music at Merton is an important part of our pupil’s development. We regularly listen to music in classes to help us stay relaxed and focussed. Across the School we take part in Singing Assembly. This promotes the learning of choral and contemporary pieces of music. This also encourages team work through listening to each other and responding using musicality.


Pupils are also afforded the opportunity to learn new instruments every term. All of whom enjoy this chance and many have been able to learn these instruments to learn outside of school.


Pupil's Opinions of Music at Merton Junior

“Listen to me is fun because we learn new instruments and we get to impress our parents when we have learned how to play them.”

“I like the fact that I can play instruments and I know that my relatives also play so we can play together when I am ready.”