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Year 3

Welcome to 2019

This term we will be looking at "Magnetic Man".

This will be a project that involves science, DT and English.

Watch this space for more information and successes.

Picture 1

We are practising hard for our play.


The performance dates are:

Tuesday 18th December at 6pm

Wednesday 19th December at 2pm


A letter is coming home shortly for you to order tickets.


We look forward to seeing many of your faces there :-)

Week beginning 12th November


Based on our new project, year 3 have been getting to grips with their map work. We have been locating countries, cities, towns, lakes and rivers all in aid of being able to pin point the location of the Wonderful Lake Windermere. Why not ask the children what they can tell you about this magical place?

Our project this term.

Our project this term. 1

What a fantastic start to the half term we have had - Trick or treating fun and, of course, plenty of hard work thrown in.

We have been reminding the children that reading at home is very important and we will always reward those who read frequently. The school policy states that each must read at least 3 times each week. When we look at the home school books, we register from Saturday to that Friday how each child has been reading at home. If they do read 3 times each week they will be given a bronze star which is worth 3 house points. If they read 4 times each week they will be given a silver star which is worth 4 house points and if they can manage to read 5 times between Saturday and Friday they will be awarded a fantastic gold star worth 5 house points.

Remember - house points are all counted up to go towards your teams total at the end of each week!! Make sure you are reading plenty and helping both yourself and your team to be the very best!!

nononoHappy reading!nonono

What an amazing start to the new year for our Year 3 children. They are so eager to learn, which is absolutely fantastic to see. We started the term with a mini-project based on a book called "Stuck" - all about a boy trying to get his kite down from a tree. The children loved the story and came up with some very unusual ideas for getting things out of trees themselves.