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Healthy School Day - January 20, 2020

Today was Merton Junior School’s first Healthy School Day!We began the day by introducing Sugar Awareness Week and in this, discussed with the children just how much sugar they should be eating a day. This was a relief to some of the children as they thought this week would mean only eating fruit and vegetables! We also used our assembly to introduce our ‘Healthy Bingo’ cards which children have been asked to complete over the next four weeks.


Throughout the day, the children had a lot of different activities to do. The idea of these was to show the children how they are able to keep their bodies and minds healthy. These activities included things from meditation,to Tae Kwando, to food tasting. Which gave lots of the children the opportunity to try a new fruit or vegetable. The grapefruit and celery were not very popular!


The children also had a chance to think about why our teeth are important and how they are able to keep their teeth healthy. As part of this, all of the children were able to brush their teeth in school which the Year Threes thought was fantastic! They were also able to have a look on Google Maps at all of the dentists in Basingstoke so I’m sure they’ll be asking for an appointment soon.


All of the children really seemed to enjoy the day and all of the activities which they were able to take part in. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to have days like this in the future as the children said they didn’t just like it, they LOVED it!


We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the people who helped out and made this day such a great experience for the children. And as always a huge thank you to you for your ongoing support and for bringing your children into school with their toothbrushes, a request which I’m sure seemed very odd!