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Junior Hockey League - February 6, 2020


Upon returning to school, we have received fantastic news about the Junior Hockey League! Merton came 3rd out of 15 teams and we were only one point behind second place. Each child that played for the hockey team at Down Grange this year will receive a trophy to celebrate their success. We are so incredibly proud of our hockey team and their huge achievement this year. Well done Merton!


We are now 4/5 of the way through the Junior Hockey League and I am very proud to say, as it stands, Merton are 2nd out of 16 Basingstoke schools!

The team were a little worried this evening as we were down to only 5 players (no subs or breaks between games) but after a team talk and a determination to succeed, Merton did not stop fighting for their place in this tournament. Even after the second game, the umpire called both teams together to praise them for the best junior league game she had seen in a long time! The attack and defence from both teams was incredible despite being a little tense at the opposition's goal end at times. Well done Team Merton!

Merton (0) vs St Marks B (0)

Merton (1) vs Park View A (1)

Merton (1) vs Great Binfield (0)

Another 5 points secured!

Our final games will be played on 5th March so stay tuned to find out if we can keep our 2nd place!

Merton Junior's very own hockey team have now played 3 of their games for the winter season tournament! Although we may all be bias, the team are doing incredibly well with their sportsmanship and scoring goals.


We are nearing the end of the tournament for the winter season and my gosh was it a cold and wet one! The rain didn't stop and neither did we! Through the soaking rain, strong winds and only having 6 players, Merton played 3 matches and performed very well!

Merton (0) vs N. Waltham (1)

Merton (1) vs Whitchurch A (1)

Merton (1) vs St Johns B (1)

1/3 wins to Team Merton!


WOW! What an amazing evening with our junior hockey team... yes it was cold and it rained a little but it was incredible to watch!

Merton (2) vs Great Binfields B (0)

Merton (2) vs Park View (0)

Merton (2) vs St Marks A (1)

3/3 wins to Team Merton!

Every member of the team supported each other and moved the ball around so quickly, other teams even commented that we were too quick for them!

Well done Merton!


What a great start to the junior hockey season! Merton played fantastically well, even in the cold and against some tough competition!

Merton (1) vs Kempshott (3)

Merton (3) vs Whitchurch B (0)

Merton (1) vs Manor Field (0)

Merton (1) vs St Johns A (2).

2/4 wins to Team Merton!

We had a great defence, some brilliant goals and incredible sportsmanship from all.