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Blog Date 14.2.2020

The children have received their home learning project for our next project "The Land of Fire and Ice". The project includes making their own Volcano and needs to be brought into school by Monday 9th March.

The above link gives detailed instructions as to how to make one if you are unsure.

Happy making everyone - oh and have a fantastic half term break.

Blog date: 5.2.2020

Year 4 will be completing the Government multiplication test this year - in order to help the children practise for this timed test, there is a website that has a version of the test that can be used. Just follow this link

Blog date: 4.2.2020

Please have a look at our curriculum post for images from our fantastic Roman Day - the children had so much and they beamed from ear to ear at all occasions throughout the day. Proud teacher day for all of us in Year 4 as the children were so exceptionally behaved all through the day and this helped us to have such a brilliant day.

Blog date: 16.1.2020
What an incredible start Year 4 have made to 2020.
We have got our heads stuck into our new project of "Attention!" which is all about the Romans. Building biographies, diaries and non-fiction texts through the project, the children are already impressing their staff with their incredible knowledge and application of their knowledge already. Long may this continue.
We have also bought in some artefacts from Hampshire Wardrobe and the children have had the best time dressing up as a Roman!
For this project there is a Home Learning project due to build their own shields in order for us to create a tactical Army display team. They are due into school on the 10th of Feb please.

Blog Date 5.12.19

We have been using all of our science knowledge to play rescue the bear. Our ice covered bear is frozen in time and the children worked periously to save him using bicarbonate of soda, salt and vinegar. - Which ones worked better?

The Year 4 team have been working hard to create some amazing topics for the next school year! Year 4 will start the year with ‘Iron Man!’ This topic will test children’s scientific knowledge, exploring a range of circuits and solving some challenging problems along their learning journey. ‘Attention!’ will see children researching the history of the Roman Empire; they will learn all about the incredible time in human history and explore the day to day lives of the Roman people.

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