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Year 4

Just a quick reminder that we have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Tuesday is Badminton and Wednesday is athletics. Please can you ensure that your child have the appropriate PE kit in school for both of these days.

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

Year 4 have some fantastic projects coming up during the Summer term and we start off with....

Picture 1

Our Roman March and Battle formations

This term the children have started their new topic ' The Romans' and are loving it so far! We have been busy learning Roman battle formations and are moving on to designing their very own Roman pottery. What's more, the children have been busy creating newspaper articles about the battle between the fierce Celtic Queen Boudicca and Emperor Caesars Roman army! Year 4 have enjoyed researching all about the Romans and are excited to continue this.



The Year 4 Team are amazed by the creative and wonderful World Book Day costumes! Below are a few fantastic characters we spotted throughout the day.



All fun and games were had by not only the children but the staff as well during the Merton Junior School Bake Off 2019!


Welcome to 2019 - Our new project for the Spring term is Iceland!!

Welcome to 2019 - Our new project for the Spring term is Iceland!! 1

Week beginning 12th November 2018

This week we have been looking at learning our times tables in an easy and quick fashion. We even know how to do our 17 times table!!! That's impressive! Can you use this video to have a go yourself and learn a really tricky times table?

Can you use it to learn a really easy times table?


indecisionHave fun!!no

What a fantastic start to the half term we have had - Trick or treating fun and, of course, plenty of hard work thrown in.

We have been reminding the children that reading at home is very important and we will always reward those who read frequently. The school policy states that each must read at least 3 times each week. When we look at the home school books, we register from Saturday to that Friday how each child has been reading at home. If they do read 3 times each week they will be given a bronze star which is worth 3 house points. If they read 4 times each week they will be given a silver star which is worth 4 house points and if they can manage to read 5 times between Saturday and Friday they will be awarded a fantastic gold star worth 5 house points.

Remember - house points are all counted up to go towards your teams total at the end of each week!! Make sure you are reading plenty and helping both yourself and your team to be the very best!!

nononoHappy reading!nonono

Week Beginning 1st October 2018

Our Samba lessons have continued and we ever got to watch the action from a traditional Samba carnival - it was extremely colourful and loud!

We have also been getting mucky this week planning and making our prototype Iron Man helmet ready for our own designs next week. Watch this space for the chaos of actually making the real thing!!

Spellings this week:

Set 1: be, by, he, me, my, she

Set 2: eight, weight eighth, reign, accident, centre

Week beginning Monday 17th September 2018


Another great week in Year 4! In music this week, the children were introduced

to the Samba and learnt how to play the drum effectively. Well done everybody! :)


The Iron Man

This half term, children will be making their very own Iron Man helmet.

Please could children bring in a range of the following items by Monday 1st October:

-cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots, kitchen roll/toilet roll tubes, newspaper and egg boxes


Thank you :)


Our spellings this week are:

Set 1: all, come, here, I'm, people, very

Set 2: caught, exercise, height, important, notice, through


Week beginning 10th September 2018

And yet another fantastic week. This week, we have been getting up close to electricity and having a go at making our very own circuits. Its been fantastic to see the children's faces light up when they finally got their bulb to light!! A supper effort Year 4!mailmailmail

Our spellings for this week are:

SET 1: went, when, what, were, with, will

SET 2: appear, breath, breathe, disappear, early, earth

Week beginning 3rd September 2018

What a fantastic start to the new term we have had. Everyone has been working so hard already and I know that all of the Year 4 staff have been super impressed with the concentration and high level of discussions that have happened already.smileyno

Each week we will be setting spelling homework. These spellings will be stuck into the Home School book for the children to learn and they will be tested the following Friday. We will have 2 different sets of spellings to meet the needs of all children. The set your child needs to learn will be ones in their Home School Book.

The spellings this weeks are:

SET 1 : about , children , into , little, Mr , Mrs

SET 2: address , believe , business , calendar , continue , library