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Year 5

Greeks, Saxons and Vikings!

We have been blown away with the fantastic home learning projects Year 5 have created. We have an array of large Saxon Shields, stunning Greek Ruins and detailed Viking Longboats. They have taken pride and place in Year 5's shared, area in our 'Walk in Museum!'. A big thank you to all of Year 5 (and those adults who may have helped!) for making such fantastic projects.


Year 5 have really enjoyed learning about the Greeks so far this term and are almost ready to learn about the Saxons and Vikings occupation of Britain.

Amazing Home Learning!

Welcome Back!


It has been fantastic to see all of Year 5 return from their summer break, bright eyed and bushy tailed! They have all settled in really well and it has been wonderful to hear about everything they have been getting up to over the last 6 weeks.

Year 5 will be made up of three fantastic classes this year. Mr Sherman (Year Group Leader) will be in Ash class, Mrs Garside will be in Elm class and Miss Batchelor will be in Holly class. The LSA’s in the year group will be Mrs Gerrard, Miss Rogers and Mrs Ballard.


We have many exciting things planned for this year, from our Year 5 trip to Intech, to taking the entire year group swimming. We also have lots of amazing topics coming up, May The Force Be With You, Life On Earth and Native Arizona to name a few! It is an exciting year as the children move into upper school life and take on many roles and responsibilities. If any parents/carers have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the office and book an appointment with the Year 5 Team.

From Mr Sherman and Team 5.



This term we will be......


Already Year 5 are jumping straight into work mode. Our first topic is ‘Our Learning Environment’. This topic is based around taking on roles and responsibilities within the classroom environment . Next week, Year 5 will apply and be interviewed for their job roles. They will take on lots of different responsibilities to help out around the class, from Register Monitors taking the registers to and from the office to Laptop Technicians ensuring all the laptops are well looked after! They have shown real enthusiasm so far and it will be fantastic to watch them take on their new roles!


Our second topic of this half-term will be ‘Mystery of History’. This topic covers the Greeks, Saxons and even the Vikings! The children will look and discover all about Greek diplomacy and the invasion of the Saxons and Vikings and how they lived and changed Britain.