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Ethos, Vision and Values

What is our vision?


Our vision is to:

  • develop well-rounded future citizens who are confident life-long learners;

  • provide an exciting curriculum, which is full of hands-on, practical, real-life learning opportunities which promote a love of learning;

  • ensure all of our children are provided with the skills they need to succeed in life, including those needed to lead happy and fulfilled lives;

  • develop strong positive partnerships with parents and the local community.

Merton Junior School is an inclusive, friendly and safe place to be. Our approach, ethos and curriculum not only shapes our learners to be motivated, enthusiastic, respectful, optimistic and nurturing individuals here and now, it develops our pupils so that they can become well-rounded citizens of the future - citizens who will be well-equipped with a range of skills and strategies so that they can face and overcome any challenges with resilience and a growth mindset, and be successful and proud of their accomplishments.


Our curriculum is enriched with hands-on, practical, real-life experiences, which we feel is vital - not only in ensuring that each pupil makes excellent progress but in making sure that school is exciting and that each child is happy, that their schooling experience is a positive one, and that they make great memories whilst with us. We have worked together to ensure that our curriculum is designed with our pupils in mind and we put them first when making every decision. 

We care about every pupil who attends our school and every child should feel safe and cared for. It is important to us that each child's emotional and mental wellbeing is supported and nourished through their time with us so that they can achieve their full potential and thrive.

We work closely with our community, parents, governors and pupils to make sure that our vision becomes a reality for all children in our care.