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Year 6

Road safety information for parents

SATs presentation for parents - Feb' 2022

Apollo Park visit - May 2022

Week two


This week saw Year 6 (and a handful of Year 5) attend Grittleton House for their upper school residential. As you can see from the pictures below, we had a fantastic time and made so many fantastic memories. Mrs Moore will be uploading a slideshow soon for all families of children who attended. This will only be able to be accessed on a secure and private link. 

Grittleton House Residential

Week One


Welcome back to the final term at Merton! This week, the production has been in full swing, practising songs, stage direction and perfecting acting skills. Alongside this, we were visited by St Giles, an organisation who work in schools to educate children on gangs and weapon awareness. The children were extremely interested and even surprised at some of the information given. Below are a few quotes from Year 6:


"It was educational."


" It showed me how to stay safe and he gave good advice."


"It was like stranger danger but for older children."


"It showed us how to become better citizens."


"It helps show that I shouldn't give trust to just anyone and I need to make sure I am not influenced if I'm not sure."


This was such a beneficial experience for Year 6 and we want to say a big THANK YOU to St Giles for given us their time this week. 

St Giles Trust

Summer 2 project

The weekend before SATs.

Summer 1 project

Week 6


What a busy term it has been for Year 6! We rounded off the spring 2 term with a protest around school. Year 6 gathered together to make some noise about our views on animals being held in captivity. 


Poplar - "Don't throw trash where we splash!"


Willow - "1, 2, 3, Set them Free!"


Beech - "Thanks but no Tanks."



Bring on the Summer 1 term.

Week 5


This week has been very creative for year 6. All of the children have been sculpting orca whales from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and newspapers. As you can see, it was very messy but the orcas are starting to take shape. We will update some more pictures when complete. 

Orca sculptures phase 1

Week 4


It has been a busy and long week for Year 6. The children have had their final practise assessment week before SATs in May and they have worked exceptionally hard! We are so pleased with the progress made already this year and we know it will continue throughout the summer term. As well as assessments, the children have been researching Greta Thunberg and the way in which her passion for the environment drives her actions to save our planet. Year 6 will be writing similar speeches to discuss the important issue of pollution to our marine life, in particular orca whales.


Keep up the hard work.

Well done Year 6

Week 3


We have had another very busy week in Year 6; continuing our Blackfish project and completing the next writing outcome. We delved into orcas in captivity and put ourselves in their shoes, considering the emotion and distress that it causes. Each member of year 6 wrote a monologue in the voice of Tilikum, an orca whale from Sea World, Orlando, Florida. We have been so impressed with the emotive responses from the children. Please read some of the examples below. Well done Year 6!

Week 2


This week, year 6 have been back to a normal timetable and have started their first English unit on Blackfish. They are writing a monologue from the perspective of an orca whale held in captivity. The children are already incredibly passionate about this subject so we know there will be some fantastic writing outcomes - watch this space. 

We rounded off the week with Mad Hair Day, to raise money for St Michael's Hospice, a local charity in Basingstoke and Hampshire. Check out some of our weird and whacky hair dos below:

Mad Hair Day Photos

Week 1


This week, we finished off our Out of India topic with a walk into Basingstoke town centre. The children were drawing comparisons on an eastern and western culture. We visited different areas to focus on transport, entertainment, leisure and religion. Some of us were even given a guided tour within the church where we had many our questions answered. 

After an exhausting walk, we will be evaluating our findings and creating some exciting posters.

Geography fieldtrip

Geography trip - 2nd March 2022

Is your child a reluctant reader? Have a read through the pack below to choose activities to help with encouraging reading at home.

Spring 2 Project

Week 6


This week, Year 6 have been creative with their Design & Technology work by designing, making and evaluating samosas. Each group chose their ingredients, measured them out carefully and prepared their area. After peeling, chopping (luckily with no accidents) and then frying, the mixture was ready to go. Each group then had to carefully spoon their mixture onto their filo pastry to fold into intricate samosa shapes. 

Each child had one samosa to try and evaluate and one to take home (lucky families!). As you can see below, Year 6 had a LOT of fun, learnt plenty of new skills and enjoyed their taste testing experience. 

Making samosas in D&T

Week 2


Over the last two weeks, Year 6 have been learning about the great political leader, Mahatma Gandhi. The children have been inspired by his fight against racial discrimination and injustice. After learning of Gandhi's achievements, Year 6 became reporters and wrote about Gandhi's life and death. We are hoping to upload some of the video recording soon.

Week 1


This week, Year 6 travelled to India to kick off our topic. Everyone completed their passports for check-in, collected boarding passes and were even searched at security. Once safely on the plane, there was some in-flight entertainment showing the different landscapes and cultures in India. Once everyone had reached the arrivals lounge, they were met with a selection of Indian foods to try. We look forward to the rest of our trip, exploring the life and culture of such a diverse and beautiful country.

Our flight to India

Welcome to the Spring term

Throughout the Autumn term, Year 6 have been studying Macbeth. We started the term with a theatre performance to help get into character and really understand the narrative. From this, the children have worked exceptionally hard to describe the setting upon Dunsinane heath; they have written through the eyes of Lady Macbeth, seeking power and fortune and finally; ending with a report on the death of Macbeth. Well done Year 6, what fantastic outcomes, please see the images below for just some examples.


Peruvian Shelters for Design & Technology


This week, Year 6 have been designing, creating and evaluating shelters which would be fit for a Peruvian family. We carefully looked at the structure required and what materials would be needed to be suitable for the diverse climate in Peru. Whilst working in small groups, everyone measured, cut down, stuck together and reinforced the structure for their shelter. Careful consideration was taken when deciding how best to insulate and clad the outside of the shelter.

As you can see in the photos below, it took a lot of hard work, perseverance of new skills and lots and lots of fun. 

Well done Year 6!

Have a look at our photos below:

Macbeth Workshop - 28.9.21


Wow! Year 6 were incredibly lucky to sit in on a performance of Macbeth this morning. It was an interactive performance so the children joined in with some actions and key parts of the play. "All Hail Macbeth" and "Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble" was heard all the way down to the corridor to the office! As you can see from the pictures below, the actors were fantastic and the children absolutely loved it!

This performance was the hook to our project next term, Seriously Shakespeare, where we will study Macbeth in detail, rewriting setting descriptions, writing monologues and letters from Lady Macbeth.

Have a look at our photos below

Our next project

Home-learning projects. Year 6 replicated rafts in the style of the adventurer Thor Heyerdahl.

Y5/6 Grittleton House Residential Trip

Welcome to our page!

Welcome to Year 6!


We hope that you have all had a lovely summer and are ready to return to school for your final year at Merton. Year 6 is a very busy but exciting year for all of you. We have lots of engaging topics, fun-filled trips and workshops, alongside a whole host of new learning.


We are kicking off our year with our transition unit: 'Year 6: The Great Adventure.'


The Year 6 Team look forward to welcoming you all back on Thursday 2nd September at 8:45am on the top playground.