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Year 4

Year 4 Blog posts!

On Thursday 9th June, Year 4 took part in a Lego STEAM day in order to learn how the Greeks invented water wheels.

The children worked collaboratively in small groups, using technical Lego, to build a wheel which would not only turned, but was also powered by water.

After creating the wheel, each team was then able to test it with water. The children had to count how many turns their wheel made until the water ran out.

It was great fun and the children learnt lots about working in a team as well as how to problem solve.

Year 4 Lego STEAM day

Blog post 27.5.22

We hope you have a restful half-term break and come back rejuvenated and ready for our final topic of the year - Who Let The Gods Out? Take a look below at our title page for this unit all about Ancient Greece!

Blog post 26.5.22


We have had a fabulous end of the term with our Jubilee celebrations!

Year 4 created some fantastic crowns and were all fully engaged with learning about this momentous piece of history! Take a look below at our activities and crowns!

Blog post 4.5.22

We have had a fantastic morning looking at the brilliant Zoolab creatures and critters!


As our topic this term is all about animals, we had lots of questions and really enjoyed sharing these with our instructor today!


Blog post 25.4.22


Welcome back!

The Year 4 team hope you have had a lovely Easter break and are ready to go in our next exciting unit - All lives are worth living! Take a look at our title page as we delve into the Scientific wonder of animals including humans!


Blog Post 30.3.22

Year 4 were fantastic on our Geography fieldtrip yesterday! You were polite, inquisitive and a great representation of Merton!


We were able to discover so much about our local area and collected a lot of data linked to our focus question:

'How do the amount of human and physical features impact the number of people in an area?'


Ask us a question about our findings!

Blog post 18.3.22

We have had a bursting display of our home learning projects! Thank you for all the hard work that was put into creating these. The children had a brilliant time erupting these this afternoon!

Take a look at the photographs below:



Blog post 17.2.22

Wow! What a term we have had in Year 4. The children have worked extremely hard to produced some fantastic work on the Romans. Their enthusiasm and excitement for this topic has been clear to see throughout the term.


The Year 4 team hope you have a lovely half-term break and are ready for our new topic Land of Fire and Ice!

Have a sneak preview of our next project in the title page below alongside our next exciting home-learning project!



Roman shield home-learning project!

Blog post 11.2.22


Mertonus Maximus has a new legion!


Well done to all of Year 4 for the enthusiasm and passion you have put into our topic this term. You have produced some fabulous work and your home-learning projects looked simply stunning!


Blog post 28.1.22


Today we discussed what we think the Roman’s did in the past that has had a lasting impact on our modern world. We thought of many different things, including: coins for trade, roads for travel, sewage system and baths, theatres and even language. Then we shared our thoughts and evidence with each other.

Blog post 21.1.22

We have been extremely lucky this week to be given a trial period of TT Rockstars!

Check out the link below and join Jess, Lucas, Nicole and Kiran who have already become Timestable rockers!



Blog post 12.1.22

We have had an incredible first week and a bit back focussing on the fascinating Roman era in History and writing a Roman soldier's diary entry in English.




Well done to Max, Annabella, Terry, Dollie-Lou (and our mystery guest) for getting fully into character! We thoroughly enjoyed the Hampshire Wardrobe mystery box and have been so motivated to find out more within our new exciting topic.


Spring 1

After a restful break, we hope you will be ready for our next project - Attention!

Our next home learning project is outlined below:



Blog post 16.12.21


We have had a chilling day up in Year 4. Today we tested our home learning projects - ice cube insulators.


Our goal was to keep the ice cool which would stop it from changing its state to a liquid.

Take a look below at some of our fabulous designs!



A message from Peter Duncan

Still image for this video

Blog post 13.12.21

Well done Year 4 on a fabulous half term of fun-filled learning.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas break and a Happy New Year!

Please share and enjoy our carols from this term's Hampshire Music Service.

Feliz Navidad!


Tell me a Story!

Blog post 10.12.21



This week we have begun getting into the festive mood with our Christmas lunch and performing our term's singing project led by the fabulous Hampshire Music Service. Look out for our next post where we hope to share our audio recordings!

Well done Year 4!

Blog post 3.12.21

Today in science, we started off by looking at different ways to separate different states of matter. We assessed what piece of equipment was most efficient and successful for separating different types of solids. Below, are lots of photos showing us applying our knowledge of small mixtures to a bottle of dirty pond water! 


Blog post 2.12.21




This week we have seen some fantastic scientific thinking going on in Year 4! We have been using our understanding over different states of matter to consider the most efficient strategies in separating materials. Take a look above at some of our work in action!

Blog Post 18.11.21

This week we have been focussing on our times-table challenges! With the addition of the Topaz star, which focuses on squared (a number multiplied by itself) and cubed (a number multiplied by itself three times) challenges, we have begun delving into the fascinating world of multiplication!




Check out the links below for some fast paced multiplication action!

Multiplication challenge

Hit the button

Blog post 11.11.21

Today we have been learning all about why we commemorate Remembrance Day, we have learned about the sacrifices made by brave young people, who risked and sometimes gave their lives in war, so that we may live in peace.


A special thank you to Jess who brought in some medals to share with Year 4. They were given to her Great Grandfather to commemorate (remember) the time the King (George V) was crowned.

What an amazing piece of history!

Blog post 10.11.21



This week we have continued our work with states of matter, delving into what happens when we heat different solids.

We have been fantastic when using our observational skills to explain what we saw, why this was seen and considering how this may have happened! Next week we will be putting this into a 'real-life' context.


Well done to our super Year 4 Scientists!

Have a go testing your understanding using the question below!


Blog post 5.11.21



This week we have been having great fun exploring and observing how solutions are formed. We practised using our new vocabulary (solute, solvent, dissolving and soluble materials) whilst completing our practical activities!


Year 4 - Have a go testing your families on their understanding of these key terms!


Additionally, we have introduced the new device being developed by the Aardman corporation - Shopper-13.

See if you can spot any components and famous faces using the link below...


Shopper-13 You-tube clip

Autumn 2

After a restful half-term, we hope you will be ready for our next project - What's the Matter?

Blog post 22.10.21


Well done Year 4 on a fabulous last two weeks.

Your hard work has really paid off and enabled you to create some staggering newspaper reports about the New York blackout!


Take a look at some examples below!

New York Blackout Newspapers

Blog post 14.10.21


Take a look at the fabulous light-boxes we have produced in our DT project this half term!


We used our measuring, cutting and gluing skills to produce a silhouette from the New York Blackout! This was then lit from behind using a simple series circuit we constructed following our work in Science.


Well done Year 4 - these illuminations look amazing!






Blog post 6.10.21


As so many of you love reading, I wanted to share this excellent website with you all. Year 4 have discovered a fantastic online story resource.


Click here to check it out!


There are lots of short stories (for all ages) read by lots of different celebrities and some of them come accompanied by activity ideas too. Check out some of our readers buzzing to get stuck into their next book!


Happy story time kids! :-)



We have been blown away from the magnificent descriptive writing happening in Year 4 this week! 


The children have worked hard to plan, write and edit their descriptive paragraphs about a quiet street that was plunged into deafening darkness. Our descriptions help 'paint the picture' of: what our characters thought; how they felt; what they did when faced with this unexpected problem!


Have a read through of some of our published pieces above!

Blog post 17.9.21

We have had an electrifying week this week in Holly and Elm class! As we began our Blackout topic, Year 4 have been experimenting with circuits. We found out lots of information that helped us to create simple series and parallel circuits. 


Take a look at some of the photographs below!



Blog post 10.9.21



What a fabulous first full week of Year 4!

We have been really busy completing our transition unit You've Got Mail. From writing non-chronological reports to cactus art, over the first week back we have been busy delving into the mischief Sunny the Meerkat gets up to on his travels!


Not only have we been creating interesting fact files, based on detailed research, but making sure Sunny gets home to his best suited habitat. The photos below showcase the children’s efforts in creating rafts to ensure Sunny survives the flooded, swap-like environments.


Well done Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4!


We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and are ready for the new school year.

Year 4 has lots of exciting projects and experiences to get involved with! We can't wait to get started!


Our first project will be based on the book 'Blackout' which is full of beautiful illustrations and is about a city wide power-cut that requires the community to work together.


The staff team have been in the classrooms over the summer and the rooms are all ready for your return on the 2nd of September. We will meet on the top playground on Thursday (2nd) at 8:45am ready to go into our new classroom together. At home-time, we will exit through the doors near to the Studio (overlooking the car park) from 3:20pm.


We will upload some photographs as we get started so be sure to look back again in the coming weeks.