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Online Payments

If you would like an easier way to track and update payments for the following, please visit Miss Marshall in the office for a registration form:


  • Dinner payments
  • Trip payments
  • Lost library book payments
  • Track the meals your child has ordered


Once you have collected the registration form from the office, please follow the below link to access the online payments system.

Important Information:  Users of Windows XP and Vista - Change effective from 30th April 2018


Changes are being made by credit card companies such as WorldPay to improve the security of their systems. As a result, any parents using Windows XP or Windows Vista will no longer be able to use Tucasi Online Payments.


Why is this happening?

This change is being enforced by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).  From the 30th June 2018 all websites that accept card payments will no longer allow users of Windows XP and Windows Vista to use their websites. WorldPay are implementing this change on 30th April 2018.


This change is outside of Tucasi’s control and is not limited to Tucasi Online Payments.


If you do not have access to any other platform to continue using Tucasi, you are still able to pay direct to the school office. We do not accept card payments, cash or cheque only.


For any further information, please contact the school directly.