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Year 3



Year 3 had a French themed day where they tasted some French delicacies, learnt some of the colours in French and recreated a famous French painting using collage. Much fun was had during the day and the children demonstrated motivation to learn and enthusiasm by the bucket load. Tres bien Year 3.


The children tasted croissants, brioche, crepes, baguettes, brie and quiche Lorraine.

They learnt how to share their likes and dislikes.



Je n’aime pas…


J’adore le brioche parce que c’est delicieux.


J’deteste le brie parce que c’est degoutant.



Well done Year 3 for an amazing day! We had loads of fun with you and I hope that you all had a great day too!

Happy New Year to all of our families.

We hope that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas Holidays. 

We are very excited to welcome the children back to school and we have an exciting new project to kick start the year with. 

Please see our Spring Newsletter in the letters section of this page for more information as to what is being taught in the Spring term. 

Light and Shadows

During our project, we have been looking at light and shadows. During this lessons, we combined art and sculpture to create shadows. We focussed on how shadows change dependent on the light. 

Our Writing focus this term

Over the past half term, we have been looking closely at the tale of Idris and his hope for the future. We have been using "The Wisp" as our stimulus this term to create a narrative and a diary. 

During the narrative, we created a new page in the book where Idris took the Wisp to a young refugee mother and we also looked at a diary from Idris when he was much older sharing how his life has changed. 

Come back soon to see some of our amazing work.

Autumn 2 - Sailing Boat in the Sky

Our project for Autumn 2 is A Sailing Boat in the Sky, inspired by the Quentin Blake book. We will be focussing on the topical issues and building an understanding of how we can support people and look after our planet. From bullying to refugees, we will be covering a whole range of issues and using the book "The Wisp" to support our writing this term. 

Stones to Steel - Iron Age Experience

We had the fantastic Matt come in and work with the children in our Iron Age experience. They learnt all about the housing and food eat as well as took part in some combat training in the afternoon. All the children designed their own shield and spear which they were able to take home. What fantastic memories of the day. 

Well done Year 3.

Is your child a reluctant reader? Have a read through the pack below to choose activities to help with encouraging reading at home.

Gordon Brown Centre (Yr3/4 residential)

From Stones to Steel

As we move on with our topic, the children are being science investigators. This afternoon (Friday 1.10.21) they had a range of building materials and needed to make a model of StoneHenge however... they needed to be able to withstand the elements and still stay upright! They were sprayed with water, blasted by gale force winds (hairdryer) and heat from the sun (hairdryer). These are some of the examples of our very own Stonehenges.


From Stones to Steel


Year 3 have had an amazing start to their journey here at Merton Junior School.

They have thrown themselves into the first project "From Stones to Steel" and they have loved experiencing all things Stone Age. They have looked closely at how the Stone Age people communicated and have produced their own cave painting and have been thoroughly overjoyed in their creative work. 

They have been putting their language skills to the test and written a terrific ending to the story of the Stone Age Boy as well as being investigators to the lives of Stone Age people. This included searching through prehistoric poo to find clues as to what they may have eaten. 

Year 3 Newsletters

Welcome to Year 3!


What a fantastic year we have lined up for you all. The staff have been in the classrooms over the summer and the rooms are all ready for your return on the 2nd of September. smiley

We will meet on the top playground on Thursday (2nd) at 8:45am ready to go into our new classroom together. We are very lucky as well, as over the holidays, we have had builders in school refurbishing the lower school toilets so everything have been freshened up and looking very lovely. yes


This term, we will be learning all about the Stone Age to the Bronze Age in our From Stones to Steel project and we have lots of exciting opportunities to get creative and explore what it would be like to live in the Stone Age period. 


We will upload some photographs as we get started so be sure to look back again in the coming weeks.